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Sunday, April 17, 2011

HELIOS CREED – Planet X (1995)

1 Tele-Vision 5:19
2 Fire In The Head 3:18
3 Dog Star 3:42
4 Kurt Zombie 5:36
5 Waves 2:04
6 First Encounter 2:50
7 Plato's Cave 4:11
8 Won't Kill Myself 4:05
9 Next Encounter 6:24
10 The Ascent 1:28
Bass – Chris McKay
Drums – Paul Della Pelle
Engineer – John Boyko
Guitar, Synthesizer, Sampler – Helios Creed
Mixed By – Helios Creed
Producer – Helios Creed
Synthesizer, Sampler – Z Sylver


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