All the material on this site has been compiled from other sources. Brent Marley has a site dedicated to chrome & helios creed (www.helioschrome
.com)he should be commended for painstakingly typing the interviews by hand and scanning alot of the pictures and photo's as well. The videos came from (www.youtube.com/user/HeliosChrome) a great you tube channel dedicated to the music of chrome and helios creed.In addition there is also a website (www.staticwhitesound.com) where you can purchase and/or learn more about the history of chrome and their music, another site alot of the information on here is culled from .Helios Creed also has a site on the internet I would advise everyone to look into ( www.helios-creed.com.). .

Saturday, April 16, 2011


1 - chokebore - coat
2 - the cows - sugar torch
3 - boss hog - some sara
4 - guzzard - tex
5 - surgery - kickin' around
6 - helios creed - the federation
7 - janitor joe - boys in blue
8 - today is the day - i bent scared
9 - hammerhead - tuffskins
10 - vertigo - king of terror
11 - x - i don't wanna go out
12 - helmet - born annoying

Am-rep comp with "the federation" by helios creed.


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