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Saturday, April 16, 2011

3rd from the sun misc lyrics & 4AD cover


In your burning tight leather you're a firebomb
with your handles smoking you're on fire
not a flaw, not a mess you're way on top
like a classic car, a firebomb
you got your father worried, your mother uptight
in a fire moon winter she's my love
the way you finger my flame you're a firebomb
the way you blow out my brain you're a firebomb


Stuck in time shadows under my pillow awake me
walk into the window looking down at the shiny metallic monster
your soft sticky pearls surround my mind to capture
looking down to see what's going on down under
too many future ghosts and density on the run
looking back there's something there to imagine
looking back to see what's going on the downside
that look in your eye could it turn steel into dust?
Years ago you know our instincts were lost


Take it to the teacher take it to the park
want to make a million is it armageddon
like to hear the voice in got nothing to say
got nothing more to say to you got nothing to do
standing in the light field ground zero out of reach
don't want no pardon

technicians on the moon feel safer than you
standing like the targets in midst of armageddon
standing in the light field ground zero out of reach
don't want no pardon


I see heartbeat
phantoms knowing heart beat
we see sanity
I know what they expect from me
they're speaking of sanity
they're hearing society
I heartbeat I know what they expect from me
they're screaming society
they're thinking humanity
I feel heartbeat
I feel sanity
I'm hearing heartbeat
I'm feeling a heartbeat
you're thinking sanity
you're hearing heartbeat


When I'm off the line I can feel your eyes
and when I touch you
I've touched everything
when I see you I see into your eyes
when I see you there is no time
when I feel you there is paradise


Seeing their children caught up in the latest fad
their parents are worried thinking they've gone bad
everything's the same nothing has changed
everything's the same nothing has changed changes tomorrow
taking their axes they're turning an amber red
making a noise able to wake the dead
everything's the same nothing has changed everything's the same
nothing has changed at all changed in our world
looking through windows only to see the rain
the way they are moving ground zero attack my brain


They find you in the time laying on the beach
of the wasted land out of reach
calling to the shadows of monsters
digging in the sand for clam shells
they put you in the celluloid for the wake
and you wake up in the morning and you smile
and you see that the time is dead but the man is walking
but he's on the sea and you can't believe he's talking
Bing Crosby came back but he can't see him
cause he's on sunset and he's talking
and he's wearing a brown suit with a white hat joking
and he's gambling like a gambler but he's smoking

4AD does not mention Chrome as being on it's artist roster.

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