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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alien Soundtracks misc. lyrics

Chromosome Damage

You’re fighting on the streets
Put you with all the thieves and cheats
Going off to fight in the war
I don’t know why but I do know more
Cheating in the streets & fighting on the lines
I don’t why you should take my advise
Got my baby and I want to go there
You know they say the streets are no-where
Well I want to fly
I want to fly away
You know the way things fade
I can stand

All Data Lost

Here comes the day
End of the night
Do you see clouds pull out of sight
You were the dream
You want to make
For the light field
Should be no mistakes

Pygmies In Zee Park

Waiting for you in the park by the zoo
Waiting for you in the park by the zoo
Sitting in the dark
Pygmies in zee park
End of the race for man
Should get one last specimen
Just after this next sea I’m sure there will be
Sitting in the dark
Pygmies in zee park

Slip It To The Android

Then it suddenly occurs to
Slip it to the android
You don’t like the disguise but so what
Slip it to the android
You had nothing better to do going over crator 452
Slip it to the android
Lift up the mechanical robe
Slip it to the android
3 moons out tonight
Everthing’s so clean and white
Sure feels good from a different point of view

Pharoah Chromium

Midnight is like afternoon
Don’t get out much cept in ‘72
Keep me here locked in this room
With my snakes and my colored tattoo
But I figure I could give you the sky
If you just do what I say
I heard the princess was in town
You make sure she comes around
Don’t give me no line as we stand here in time
I can see you dancing close to him
Talking bout pharoah chromium

ST 37

Sexual Chakra
Same old soap opera
Environment surrounded by cement
Latest scoop on dagas
Painting of Las Vegas
Capsulized resort on police report
St 37 St 37 St 37 take you up to heaven
Get in the winne bago
Go down to San Diego
Going to have to tango at the next fandango
Where you going to go
What you going to do
When your destiny comes after you
St 37 St 37 St 37 take you up to heaven

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