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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ultra Soundtrack (pic)

7 ips 1/4" 1/4 track
(one side only)

"Surfacing the Summer of 2005 in a eBay auction after 25 years in hiding, Ultra Soundtrack finally provides credence to the story that Alien Soundtracks was originally conceived as a backing track for dancers at the Mitchell Brother's San Francisco adult theater.

You see, in 1976 the Mitchell's O'Farrell Theater opened The Ultra Room, the "most outrageous live sex show San Francisco has ever seen." Chrome rehearsed and sometimes lived in a vacant warehouse owned by the brothers at the time. Coincidence?

The box is a clam-shell type box (probably the original that the 7" reel of tape came in), spray-painted silver inside and out. The lettering is "rub-down" transfer type lettering and the image is an original photograph affixed to the cover."

[unknown] (2:05, partially recorded over*)
[unknown] (4:34, partially recorded over*).
Nova Feedback (5:14)
Slip it to the Android (7:19)
[unknown] (2:53)
Magnetic Dwarf Reptile (8:11)
[unknown] (2:17)


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